Wouter Van Dongen|01.12.2013|News

MTV Staying Alive proudly presents 12 new projects

And our MTV Staying Alive 2013 grant winners are…

Today is World AIDS Day 2013! While some important achievements have been made over the last years and overall numbers of HIV-infections and AIDS-related deaths have fallen, the fight against HIV is by no means over and a lot of work remains to be done.

We were inundated this year with applications for our grants programme and after much deliberation the MTV Staying Alive Foundation is proud to present 12 new projects that it will be supporting in 2014.

For the first time, MTV Staying Alive will be supporting organisations in Armenia (Men with a Social Mission), Romania (Semper Musica)—who will both be working to create awareness about sexual health, sexual orientation and human rights—and Tajikistan, where Equal Opportunities will set up a roadshow that will travel across the country and educate young people about sexuality and safe sex using theatre.

In Cameroon, Children of Africa will teach blind and deaf youngsters about safe sex practices. The gold mines of Misisi in the Democratic Republic of Congo set the scene for theatrical performances with safe sex messages by Circle Girls. The Africa Inland Church from Gilgil, Kenya, will organise bike races to educate young bike-taxi drivers about safe sex and entrepreneurship. In Rwanda, the Rwanda Youth Voice for Change, a group of university students, aims to spread awareness about sexual health among the indigenous Batwa community. The Youth Service Organisation will empower girls by organising football tournaments and teaching them about negotiation of safe sex and other important life skills. The Swadakta Dance Crew in Tanzania will use dance as of way of spreading safe-sex messages and will organise street dances and public debates about sexuality.

The Sangamam Women’s Group, in south-western India, will hold dance workshops for tribal girls who will then perform popular tribal dances, in which safe sex messages are incorporated. The Guangzhou Jiaoyang Youth Gay Centre, in China, will create an online platform where gay men can receive information about sexual-health-related topics and get free personal counselling.

Finally, in Latin America, MTV Staying Alive will work with the medical student association, ACOME, in Colombia, who will provide sexual education to secondary school kids and incentivise them to live healthier lives (for example by exchanging cigarettes for condoms).

We can’t wait to see what they achieve! Keep checking our website to see how these projects progress over the next few months!

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