Abi Ogunmwonyi|24.07.2018|Projects

MTV Staying Alive Grantees 2018 at #AIDS2018

We are so excited to announce our 10 new grantees for 2018! 

We are especially pleased to make this announcement during the International AIDSs Conference (IAC), in Amsterdam where we’ve been inspired about the importance of supporting youth led organisations in their fight against HIV/AIDs.  

We have been lucky enough to be joined at the IAC by some of our new grantees. ‘Realness’, have been at the IAC, soaking up the informative and interactive sessions. Based in the USA, their digital project aims to educate young people about HIV while exploring social injustices.  

We have another digital project from our grantee in the UK – ‘LSHTM Storytellers’. This project aims to use entertainment to raise awareness on common misconceptions around the risk of HIV among young women as well as how to protect themselves using condoms and PrEP.  

‘Young Queer Alliance’ in Mauritius, ‘We Speak Love’ in Georgia and ‘Manodiversa’ in Bolivia are all creating safe environments for LGBTQ communities to freely discuss their sexual reproductive health without judgement.  

This year we will also be supporting ‘Athandizi’ in Malawi. ‘Athandizi’ was started because the lack of sign language among health care providers has left many deaf youths vulnerable to HIV. Their project will train sexual health providers with HIV prevention resources in sign language.

L’Association de Defense des droits des Jeunes in Burkina Faso was founded after a man had intentionally infected over 20 young girls with HIV. This project seeks to address several factors that have contributed in the upsurge of HIV rates in adolescent girls. 

We’re supporting an innovative project from Uganda, ‘Public Health Ambassadors’ who aim to use the Ludo board game to communicate with motorcycle drivers in Uganda. The Ludo boards will have HIV/AIDs awareness messaging to reach young men. ‘BAYA Social Enterprises’ in Cameroon will be using hair salons as safe zones for young girls to educate them on sexuality and HIV/AIDs prevention. 

Lastly, we will be supporting ‘Youth for Change’ in Gabon. The organisation conducted a survey among taxi drivers and found 5% of the drivers (aged 18-27) interviewed used condoms. Having identified an urgent need amongst taxi drivers, their project aims to educate and supply condoms.   

‘For 20 years, we have been lucky enough to support and work alongside amazing youth leaders across the world working in their local communities. The 9 organisations that we will be supporting this year, are the game changers we need to end HIV’. – Georgia Arnold, Executive Director, MTV Staying Alive Foundation 

We will be sharing all the exciting developments from our grantees over the next year, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.