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UK Fake Condom Alert: Make Sure You Have The Real Deal

The British government have issued an official warning over a fake condom outbreak in the UK – according to UK paper The Metro.

In the last 18 months, millions of counterfeit condoms have been illegally imported into the country and in August last year – fake condoms worth $2.3m were seized at a UK airport.

The fake condoms are made cheaply, have inferior standards and have a high burst rate so are not a viable form of protection against pregnancy, STIs and of course HIV.

While the counterfeits are currently identical in appearance to regularly branded condoms, sniffer dogs have been trained to sniff out the fakes and are being deployed all over the country.

So what can you do to ensure that the condoms you buy are legit?

Well, currently the fake condoms are being found in cornershops, newsagents and market stalls so for the time being we would recommend that you only buy your condoms from well known retailers, pharmacies or of course your local health clinic.

We will keep you posted on any advancements in this story as soon as we get them.

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