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Today marks International Youth Day and we’re encouraging young people all across the world to celebrate.

A United Nations initiative, International Youth Day recognises the efforts of young people around the world striving to make positive change in their community.

To celebrate, we recently posed one question:

As a young person, what change in the world would you like to see in your lifetime?

See what young people from all over the world had to say.

Graur Eugeniu, 30, Republic of Moldova

In my lifetime I would like to see 100% of children cured of different cancers.

Dynka Amorim, 29, Sao Tome and Principe/Portugal 

The change I want to see in the world would be free access to education and health for everyone, especially young people in poor countries.

Nyeko Geofrey Okello, 25, Uganda 

In my lifetime, I want to see an HIV-free world.

Stephen Chukwumah, 24, Nigeria

In my lifetime I would like to see young people given the full opportunity and support to lead and become great leaders.

Maria Bivol, 23, Village Costesti, Republic of Moldova

As a young person, I would like to see my country improve the conditions for the development of youth…we are not dreaming of a luxury life, with boundless opportunities, but a decent life with equal conditions.

Henry Victor Digolo, 24, Kenya

As a young gay person, I would love to see a globally non discriminated environment where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIV positive men are respected and accepted.

Bernard Ochieng, 25, South Sudan

As we celebrate this day, as a young person I like to remember the young people who are subjected to child soldiers, rape, maimed and killed as a result of civil war in my country. In my life time, lets also remember the young people who still live as refugees in different countries who fear to came back for the guilt the endure. I want to change that.

Shay Nolan, 27, Australia

During my lifetime, I’d like to see the gap between Indigenous Australia and non-Indigenous Australia close significantly. I want Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have equal rights without the constraints of government interventions.

From public debates, to organising youth forums, see how you can get involved with this year’s theme – Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward.


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