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Masanobu’s on a one man crusade to single-handedly smash taboos surrounding masturbation in Japan.

When you think of Japan, masturbation isn’t the first thing to springs to mind. But thanks to Masanobu Sato’s Herculean masturbation effort, the country can now boast that one of its citizens is the world record holder for the longest masturbation (9 hour 58 minutes in case you were wondering).

In part 1 of our interview with the world’s biggest w**ker, we quizzed the voracious 25-year old about what motivated him to attempt the record. In part 2, we’ll be digging deeper into the culture of Masanobu’s home country and what impact his sexually provocative skill has had on his life.

As a culture, do the Japanese talk openly about sex and masturbation? After you broke the record, did this open up discussion about sex and masturbation in Japan?

Regarding sex itself, I don’t think the Japanese are more open than other countries in the West. As for masturbation, I think Japanese men talk more openly.

When news of my masturbate-a-thon victory reached Japan, it became a controversial topic. Some said the news was great! It is the pride of Japan! Others said it’s the shame of Japan. However, generally speaking, I think (and hope) my world record has contributed to eliminating a little bit of the negativity that surrounds masturbation in Japanese society.

How has the publicity from breaking the record affected your life?

Although my world record has given me more confidence, nothing in life has changed greatly as a result. However, both in Japan and abroad, the number of people I meet and say “wow I saw you on the internet! Can I shake hands with you?” has increased.

During your record attempt, did you have a girlfriend? If so, how did she feel about how often you masturbated?

I did have a girlfriend at the time, and we are now happily married. She understood that masturbation was one of my hobbies. Her hobby is sewing and making clothes, mine is masturbation.

When I trained for the masturbate-a-thon, she gave me support as a time keeper. She is very understanding and generous and supports everything I do, including my masturbation.

But this does not mean Japanese women understand masturbation like my wife. Unfortunately, many women still have a negative opinion about their male partners masturbating.

Any final thoughts, Masanobu?

I hope my explanation helps people to better understand the concept of masturbation and enables them to make the distinction between masturbation and sex. I look forward to the world where people enjoy both sex and masturbation, which ultimately leads to sexual wellbeing throughout life.

What do you think? Should people talk more openly about masturbation?


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