Lucy Gordon|12.06.2014|Feature
As World Cup Fever descends on Brazil, we ask why the Brazilian booty is so revered

With the FIFA World Cup about to kick off in Sao Paulo, all eyes should be on the ball. Though when it comes to Brazil, a lot of people’s gaze often falls elsewhere, namely the derrière.

There’s an undeniable buzz around the Brazilian booty. Take Brazil’s Miss BumBum contest for instance—it has a huge following in the country and the winner often goes on to become a national celebrity. Cosmetic surgeons everywhere offer the “Brazilian butt-lift” while fitness trainers urge us all to take up Brazilian Butt-lift Touchdowns (we have no idea what those are either!).

So, why are we so fascinated by the booty? And why the Brazilian booty in particular?

Researchers reckon that we should thank the hormone oestrogen for the female form. Oestrogen encourages women’s bodies to store fat in their hips, thigh, and buttocks, which they can tap into for energy when breast feeding. Some scientists think that a sizeable booty on a woman indicates to a man that she’s physically fit and ready to bring up their children.

Remember also that before walking on two legs, our ape ancestors would have got about on their hands and feet. So, as a result of this posture, some scientists reckon that in the past bountiful buttocks on a female would have been one of the major things a male would have noticed.

Incidentally, they’ve chucked around the idea that we like boobs now because they look like buttocks but are more obviously located for a species that walks upright, kind of like chest-booty. You can decide whether you want to take or leave that theory…

When it comes to Brazilian booties, it’s bikini season all year round in Brazil so it’s likely that some work goes into the nation’s butts. Brazilians are into their fitness and the country has the second largest fitness industry. Brazil is also one of the world’s major cosmetic surgery capitals. Many Brazilian women get work done. Apparently, there are seven times more enhancement procedures performed on buttocks in the country compared with the world’s average.

They don’t call it the Brazilian butt-lift for nothing!

Why do you think humans are so preoccupied by the booty? Leave your answers below

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