Corey Sutch|31.03.2017|News

MTV Staying Alive aims to reach innovative grassroots HIV initiatives and build their capacity so that they can ultimately become independent of our support. We recently conducted a survey to evaluate the long-term impact of our support on our former grantees. The results were really positive.

In regards to longevity, 94% of former MTV Staying Alive grantees who responded to the survey continue to operate following their grant from us. Additionally, 87% of respondents agreed that our funding allowed them to gain more trust within their communities. In turn, this led to establishing long-term financial grounding. The average income of respondents before MTV Staying Alive funding was $7,000, whilst today, following their grant-funding, the annual income was an average of $62,000.

Our survey also showed good results in relation to skills-building. 92% of respondents strongly believed that MTV Staying Alive grant funding helped them to become better leaders. This is a result of the financial support we supply, but also the detailed training and ongoing mentoring we provide to all of our partners. More generally, 95% of respondents agreed that training provided by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation helped their organization to become more stable.

Perhaps most importantly, 84% agreed that their HIV prevention work would not have been possible without funding from the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. This is an important statistic, as it demonstrates that without our support, many of these projects might not have taken place.

Our survey also provided some qualitative feedback, with former grantees putting in their own words how MTV Staying Alive Foundation funding has helped them:

“We started from scratch and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation got our work off the ground. If it wasn’t for our MTV Staying Alive grant we probably would have closed.”

“Our organisation has developed from a non-registered and low-profile community organisation into a well-known player in the HIV prevention field in our region.”

“The support that MTV Staying Alive provided to me in terms of training was invaluable. I took two residential courses on non-profit management and leadership, and both really help me with the hard and soft skills required to run our organisation effectively.”

We are very happy to see these results as they demonstrate that, through our support services, small HIV initiatives can become more sustainable. Ultimately, through trust, training and mentoring, we help to build the skills and capacity of grassroots organisations, helping them to become more sophisticated and established. In time, these organisations can lead the fight against HIV on the ground, as we work towards a future free from HIV/AIDS.