Abi Ogunmwonyi|24.04.2017|Projects

Earlier this month, Georgia Arnold, Executive Director and Sara Piot, Deputy Executive Directors of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, visited one of our new Social Enterprise recipients. While in Nigeria, they visited ‘Queer Alliance’ in their newly launched salon, Hair Pulse.

Our Social Enterprise programme provides selected former grantees with a start-up investment to launch their own business. This provides youth-led HIV initiatives with the opportunity to build sustainable income-generating activities to fund their charitable work.

Nigeria QA Trip

Queer Alliance, one of our six social enterprise projects, operates a hair salon and leases out chairs to local hairdressers to bring in a steady income. Profits are used to support Queer Alliance’s sexual health and HIV programme for LGBTs. In the salon, HIV-related videos are shown, including MTV Shuga.

During their visit, Georgia and Sara were able to see the salon in action, and to talk with Rashidi, the leader of the project. They discussed plans going forward, and other ways to bring in an income beyond the original focus. Two examples already include a PlayStation and the sale of soft drinks. Most notable to hear was that income from the salon had doubled within the past two months.

It is great news to hear that Queer Alliance are off to a very solid start, and we look forward to seeing how both they, and our other five Social Enterprise recipients get on in the coming months. We will be sure to keep you up to date with their progress!