Rebecca Simuyemba|06.07.2017|Feature


Let’s face it …we’ve all heard some outrageous myths about sex! ‘A female can’t pregnant if they have sex standing up’ , ‘You can DIY a condom with some cling film’ or ‘You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in a hot tub’.  Whilst some myths about sex are laughable, unfortunately the myths about HIV can only further the stigma and discrimination toward those living with HIV. So to help you we’ve listed 7 ways you can’t get HIV…


1 – You can’t get HIV from kissing


You can’t get HIV from kissing someone whether it’s a friendly kiss on the cheek or slightly saucier smooch – you’re in the clear! There are several body fluids that can transmit the HIV virus that include (but aren’t limited to): blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk- saliva is not one of them.

But, just make sure you that neither of you have any cuts or sores in the mouth that could transmit blood and you are good to go!


2 – You can’t get HIV from shaking hands or hugging


No way! HIV can’t be transmitted through casual contact such as a hug and/or handshake.


3 - You can’t get HIV from being bitten or scratched 


Obviously being bitten or scratched without consent isn’t very pleasant, but scratching and biting aren’t transmission methods for HIV. A scratch doesn’t lead to an exchange of bodily fluids. Similarly, a bite that doesn’t break the skin can’t transmit infection either.


4 – You can’t get HIV from sharing food


Okay… we get it, pepperoni pizza is your favourite … and you don’t want to share! But presuming you do, you can share a meal with someone living with HIV without worry. Also, the virus cannot survive on surfaces, so sharing utensils and other household items will not spread HIV.


5 -You can’t get HIV from water fountains.


Drinking from a water fountain that someone who has HIV has used is considered casual contact and will not lead to transmission!


6 – You can’t get HIV from mosquitoes and other insects.


There’s no way you can get HIV from a mosquito. If a mosquito bites an HIV positive person and then bites you, the virus is not transmitted as mosquitoes don’t inject any blood into your system.


7 – You can’t get HIV from Toilet seats.


Apart from the fact that some toilet seats are just gross – HIV cannot survive on surfaces, so you won’t get HIV from a toilet seat, we can’t promise you won’t get anything else though……


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