Abi Ogunmwonyi|15.05.2018|Feature
Evalyne lost her hearing at 9. Now an ambitious young leader, she’s pioneering sex education for deaf youngsters in Uganda.

Evalyne was just 9 years old when she lost her hearing. She got ill one day, feeling an intense pain in her stomach. She was rushed to hospital to get treatment. The next morning, Evalyne woke up unable to hear her own voice. Her deafness, a side-effect of her treatment, was irreversible.

Despite this trauma, Evalyne has not given up on her dreams. Thanks to her courage and perseverance, Evalyne is now pioneering sex education for deaf youngsters in Uganda, with support from MTV Staying Alive.


Evalyne’s youth-led organisation, Kyaka United Youth Deaf Association, educate deaf youth about safe sex and HIV prevention—information that this marginalised and underserved population seriously lack.

They reach out to young deaf people in western Uganda, hosting sign-language peer-education sessions about sexual and reproductive health.

Evalyne’s inspiring story was one of many that we had the chance to hear at our 10-day training programme, in Naivasha Kenya. Our training programme equips our newest young leaders, like Evalyne, with the skills and tools to strengthen their HIV-prevention organisations.

Evalyne story_MTV Staying Alive

Our young leaders learn a lot from the brilliant trainers from Restless Development who facilitate the training, but also from each other. We certainly learnt a lot from Evalyne and her story of triumph over adversity.

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