Laura Neale|07.08.2018|Case Study Projects

The tenacity and boldness of many of the organisations which we support are why we are proud they are part of our MTV SAF family. Such strength and courage cannot be easy, especially when the group of people you are trying to help are labelled as ‘criminals’.

This is the case for our grantees Wanajali Youth Trope (WYT) in Tanzania – a country where homosexuality is illegal. WYT recognised the gap where the government due to their discriminatory attitudes, seriously neglected the HIV epidemic among MSM (Men Sleeping with Men). Statistics such as MSM are 19 times more likely to be living with HIV than the general population across the world, indicate how scary the situation is.

WYT are doing an amazing job in raising awareness among MSM individuals on their sexual and reproductive health. Through creating safe spaces, they are able to increase the availability of psycho-social support for young MSM. WYT have trained local community leaders who will become a friendly point of contact for MSM individuals in their community, thus removing the fear of not seeking advice or help out of getting judged.

WYT remind us to be fearless and bold in standing for equality for everybody!