Abi Ogunmwonyi|16.01.2019|Projects

A Royal visit to Circus Zambia!

Picture this, a circus act travelling around the world performing with clowns who teach about safe sex and HIV prevention…. Not an everyday sight, right? But this is exactly what our amazing grantee, Circus Zambia does!

Located in the Chibolya township of Zambia, Circus Zambia use their unique approach of storytelling through acrobatics to educate and encourage young people on the importance of using condoms and getting tested regularly. Their interactive and unique performances have led to young adults in Chibolya becoming comfortable with talking about sex.



Circus Zambia have even got the royal seal of approval by the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry. During his recent trip to Zambia in December 2018, Prince Harry visited the Circus Zambia HQ. The Duke of Sussex got to see first-hand how Circus Zambia equip young people with life, circus and academic skills. They’re working to help future generations of young adults in Chibolya. The visit from Prince Harry emphasises the fantastic work that Circus Zambia do and how deserving they are to gain such recognition.



Since their first funding from MTV Staying Alive in 2016, Circus Zambia have grown from strength to strength. We are so proud of the many achievements they have accomplished!