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International Women’s Day


Last year we saw an unprecedented global movement for women’s rights, equality, and justice, setting off a flame for women around the world.  From our Zambian grantee, Bakashana working in rural communities to educate young women on the importance of their sexual reproductive health–to the large majority of Irish women who kicked ass to make abortion legal Women are creating safe spaces for all women and girls and are taking a stand for their rights.

International Women’s Day is the perfect moment to highlight how far we have come and how much more work we need to do to truly #BalanceForBetter. Each year, nearly 1 million women are infected with HIV and only half of all women living with HIV have access to lifesaving treatment—making AIDS now the leading cause of death worldwide among women between the ages of 30 and 49.There are huge regional gaps, leaving women in sub-Saharan Africa disproportionately affected. That’s why it’s super important to continue to fund grassroots projects like SHERA in South Africa.

Bana Cimbusa in initiation 2 (1)

SHERA shows us that when girls are educated on their sexual reproductive health and rights,  they are empowered to make informed decisions. In a country, where HIV prevalence among young women is nearly four times greater than that of men in the same age group, SHERA’s work is super important.

Through their workshops, awareness events and trainings they are able to equip young women with knowledge about PrEP, condoms and contraception..


MTV Staying Alive is works with a broad range of partners to ensure that women and girls everywhere are empowered and enabled to protect themselves against HIV and that all women and girls have the freedom to make informed choices about their sexual health.

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