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Abi Ogunmwonyi|04.07.2019|News Uncategorized

Bill Roedy announces decision to step down as Chair


 The MTV Staying Alive Foundation has been privileged and proud to have Bill Roedy as its co-founder and Chair over the last twenty years. Bill has announced his Bill-Roedy-Portrait-decision to step down as Chair, and take up the position of Chair Emeritus with immediate effect. The Board met to express their enormous gratitude for the work that Bill has done in establishing MTV Staying Alive, seeing it flourish and ensuring that its work has had enormous impact; in addition, because of Bill’s passion and dedication, the board acknowledged that he is one of the preeminent business leaders in ensuring that HIV & AIDS has stayed at the top of the agenda of business, media and governments around the world. MTV Staying Alive is in no doubt that because of Bill Roedy, young lives have been saved.

The Vice Chair (and inspiration behind the MTV Staying Alive Foundation), Henry Luyombya, has taken on the role of Interim Chair. Henry Luyombya said, “Let me start by thanking Bill for his time, dedication and leadership over the past 20 years of MTV Staying Alive. There has been no better Chair who could have seen MTV Staying Alive grow into the incredibly impactful organization that it is today. While I can in no way fill his rather large shoes, I am honoured, humbled and privileged to take on the role of Interim Chair while welook for a new permanent Chair to take the Foundation forward with its vision.”

Bill Roedy said, “It has been an honour and a privilege to witness MTV Staying Alive evolve from inception into what has become the largest mass media behaviour change campaign in the world. During the onset of the HIV pandemic and the early days of MTV Staying Alive, over half of all new infections were among young people. With MTV’s innate understanding of youth culture, connection and distribution reaching hundreds of millions of young people, I recognized that we were in a position of unique power. MTV Staying Alive’s success is a testament to the power of television and how media can save lives. I am forever grateful and humbled to have been part of MTV Staying Alive since day 1, and while I will no longer play an active role in the Foundation, as Chair Emeritus I will continue to be closely involved with its work.”