Staying Alive grantees leave a legacy of HIV prevention

The fight against HIV/AIDS can be an uphill struggle, but the MTV Staying Alive Foundation’s grantees do not shy away from this challenge.

With innovative and forward thinking projects, these young leaders break down barriers and spread the word about HIV prevention to young people around the world.

In fact, the Staying Alive Foundation now funds projects in 72 countries. Since 2003, 417 grants have been given, totalling over US$4 m. The foundation gives grants of up to $12,000 a year plus $500 for technical costs for up to 4 years to ambitious young leaders to support innovative HIV-prevention programmes on the ground, in areas that need it most.

So with the right funding, what could you do in 4 years?

One of our grantee organisations, the Transformative Agents of Change Initiatives (TACI), has had a remarkable impact on their community in Kenya.

TACI uses a peer education approach targeted at young people, giving them the opportunity to engage with trained young people, who are not authority figures, in informal environments to ask question about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

“We have young men and women who are HIV-free because of support TACI received from the Staying Alive Foundation”, explains Richard Orenyo, chairman of TACI’s board of directors.

As a result of TACI’s work more young people are now aware of their HIV status, practice safer sex, and know about the modes of HIV transmission.

And with knowledge comes power. The young people who TACI have reached are now empowered and passionate about HIV/AIDS advocacy and are engaging in local politics.

“This is quite a favourable unintended outcome”, explains Orenyo. “These young men and women will easily articulate issues that affect the plight of the youth and HIV/AIDS at policy influence level within the county”.

To learn more about our grantees, please visit our project map.