MTV Shuga campaigns help empower young people to make positive decisions about their health.

Our work has been evaluated by multiple institutions, including John Hopkins University and the World Bank. The most recent reports on MTV Shuga’s impact by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Tulane University show an uptake in preventative measures against HIV amongst viewers of MTV Shuga in South Africa, and a shift in attitudes and behaviours related to sexual health, contraceptive use, and sexual violence amongst viewers in Nigeria.

These evaluations show that our pioneering sex edu-tainment model works, allowing us to reach youth of all different backgrounds and tackle global health issues one relatable story-line at a time.


Preliminary findings from South Africa show a correlation between MTV Shuga and HIV prevention behaviours. Young people who engaged with the MTV Shuga series were twice as likely to seek HIV testing, know about HIV self-testing and know about PrEP, when compared to those who hadn’t watched the show.

Globally, there is a need to promote contraceptive use and address misinformation surrounding modern contraceptives. MTV Shuga and its sex edutainment model are driving real impact by demystifying and familiarizing viewers with the HIV testing process, modern contraceptives and shifting norms and perceptions around issues of gender-based violence.

Join us on Wednesday 20th October at 3pm BST for a webinar to hear from the researchers themselves and learn what impact MTV Shuga can have on young people.