Shay|29.01.2013|Feature News
SAF grantee The Dove Foundation receives Best Social Entrepreneurship Award-2013 by the Christ University, Bangalore, India.

We’re excited to announce Indian based grantee, The Dove Foundation has been awarded the Best Social Entreprenuership following over two succcessful years of funding from the Staying Alive Foundation.

‘This award holds a special value to us, as it gives us proof that the path we choosed almost 2.5 years back was correct and we are heading in the right direction,’ said Project Leader Abhinav Singh.

The Dove Foundation has been funded since December 2010 and targets rickshaw pullers in a bid to decrease HIV prevalence and increase safe sex practices.

The award recognises The Dove Foundation’s hard work, committment  and entrepreneurial spirit in their efforts to stop the spread of HIV among young people through their organisation.

‘Our journey was never smooth, and still we are very young, but imagining the same without the support of SAF is impossible. On the occasion of this special moment we would like to thank MTV Staying Alive Foundation for recognizing and believing in our potential, as the journey we have covered till date would not have been possible without their support. Believing in youth, and particularly youth organization who haven’t any demonstrated experience is the biggest support to all youth organizations from SAF,’ said Abhinav.





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