New figures released by the National Aids Trust (NAT) have revealed just how unaware people in the UK are about HIV – but how HIV aware are you?

In a survey conducted by NAT it was found that almost half of those quizzed wrongly believe that HIV can be transmitted by being bitten, spat at or coming into contact with a discarded needle…

In a survey of 12,000 people in the UK, it was found that a large percentage of the population underestimated the impact unprotected sex had on levels of HIV transmission. The figures revealed that only around 39% of those surveyed realise that 90% of  HIV cases diagnosed in the UK are transmitted through unsafe sex.

Speaking about the findings, Chief Executive of NAT, Deborah Jack said: “We often read stories in the media about people having to take HIV tests after being spat at, bit or stepping on a needle in a park, however the risk from these activities in either non-existent or incredibly low… This stigma can be incredibly damaging. It is also an immense distraction from the overwhelming risk factor for HIV in the UK – unsafe sex.”

As well as not knowing about how the disease can be transmitted, the survey found that a lot of people wrongly assumed that the disease was a thing of the past – with many believing that HIV diagnoses had declined since the 90’s – 45% of the sample believing that the highest number of gay men diagnosed in a single year was in the 80’s or 90’s, when in reality it was actually 2011.

The quiz also tests you on questions about HIV treatment, mother to child transmission and how long it takes to get your  HIV test results.

So, how HIV aware do you think you are? Take the quiz and let us know your score – it’s not as easy as you think!