MTV Staying Alive|10.01.2013|Feature News
Vlog partners Shawn and Gwenn find out what the Twittersphere have to say on #AIDS

Youtube vlog partners Shawn and Gwenn have kicked off 2013 by taking to twitter to find out what people think of #AIDS.

Watch them go through some of the funny and downright bizarre tweets they find when they search for the hashtag AIDS.  They break down some of the myths surrounding the virus: “The toilet seat is a safe zone…” and “You can’t catch HIV from a chapstick.” They also come across several people using the #AIDS hashtag a form of emotive smiley or as they put it “#AIDS” = 🙁

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Shawn Decker one of our ambassadors and board members isn’t a stranger to tackling the topic of AIDS head on – ever since he found out he was HIV positive, he has travelled around the world, written a book and even appeared in one of our documentaries back in 1999 campaigning about HIV.


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