SAF grantee Rashidi Williams has spoken out about the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill to the BBC, calling for an end to the stigma and discrimination that plagues the LGBTQ community in Nigeria.  

Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, but grantee Rashidi – who is one of the few openly gay men in the country – continues to strongly condemn the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill, along with disciminatory laws that limits the sexual freedom of LGBTQ people.

Rashidi leads his organisation, Queer Alliance who advocates for human rights and educates about sexual reproductive health and HIV prevention among the gay community in Delta State. Queer Alliance has been funded by SAF since December 2011.  

‘In Nigeria today you have repressive and discriminatory laws that criminalise people on basis of their sexual orientation gender and identity, and based on their sexual practises and that needs to stop,’ said Rashidi.

The Nigerian Senate has recently passed the bill, which is currently being reviewed by the House of Representatives. This means if approved as a law, same-sex couples could face up to 14 years in prison.

Rashidi has recently spoken to the BBC and says the proposed bill is just one in a number of discriminatory laws.

 Listen to the interview here.

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