Shay|20.06.2013|Event Feature
HIV awareness in Vietnam’s Capital

One of Vietnam’s largest cities is home to a growing number of men who have sex with men (MSM) who end up working in the sex trade and increasing their risk of contracting HIV and STI’s.

Hanoi’s rapidly developing economy and lifestyle is attracting young people from all over the country in search for work, but as Youth Dream Club (YDC) has found, young unskilled MSM are forced into selling sex to support themselves.

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Supported for four years by the Staying Alive Foundation, Youth Dream Club reaches out to the LGBT community, in particular young MSM to help raise awareness of the dangers of unsafe sex and HIV prevention.

Through the use of social media, theatre performances and events, YDC reaches works with more than 2000 young MSM per year with training courses on communication, voluntary counseling and testing and distributing condoms.