MTV Staying Alive|18.07.2013|Feature Sex Life

This month we’ve been talking about dating with HIV. Dating as a teen can be hard enough, but when HIV is involved, ‘it’s complicated’ takes on a whole new meaning.

We wrote a guide on Doing It Safely With HIV earlier this week. But let’s put the science aside for a bit. What’s it like emotionally to date with HIV? When’s the best time to tell your partner? Should you be nervous?

Check out the intimate videos below from our friends Slim and Angelikah as they talk us through their stories – from first date, to sex life, to getting tested together.

HIV+ Angelikah and HIV- Taylor talk about their sex life:

Slim prepares to tell Carol his status on their first date:

Angelikah and Taylor talk about getting tested:

Next week, find out how Carol reacts to Slim’s news. And the results of Taylor’s HIV test.

How do you think you would react if someone told you they were HIV+ on your first date?