Check out our latest images from our grantee in Cambodia.

Almost a quarter of the population of Cambodia is comprised of young people, and they’re getting clued up about HIV prevention with the help from People Health Development Association (PHD), Cambodia.

A SAF grantee since December 2010, PHD is working with universities to push the message of safe sex.

‘High risk behaviour is common amongst Cambodia’s growing youth population, especially students, and HIV infection remains a concern. We’ve found male students experiences high levels of peer pressure within their social groups. They’re pushed into buying sex, using drugs and arrogance associated with privilege and impunity, and this contributes to high risk behaviour and sexual violence toward their partners,’ said Project leader Ou Ratanak.

Check out Ou leading his team below as part of his SAF funded project:

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In comparison to other Asian country’s, Cambodia continues to be the beacon of hope in the fight against HIV, as it has drastically reduces new HIV infections by 88% between 2001 and 2011.