Shay|15.08.2013|Feature Real stories
See how a group of young people are changing attitudes among migrant youth in Balti, Moldova.

MTV Staying Alive grantee “CISTE Certitude” is chipping away at the myths and misconceptions surrounding HIV in sexually conservative Moldova.

HIV has continued to rise in this region, increasing fourfold since 2001. CISTE are educating rural migrant youth to get clued up about sexual reproductive health and HIV prevention.

“The lack of knowledge, combined with unsafe sex practises lead to even more infections and without proper understanding of the disease, young people don’t go for testing and are unaware of their status,” explains Executive Director, Eugeniu Graur.

With a strong volunteer base, CISTE distributes free HIV information and condoms at local bus and train stations reaching over 30,000 migrant youths a year.

See CISTE in action below:

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