mario|02.09.2013|Feature News
The MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Swedish underwear champion Björn Borg have come together to fight HIV around the world.

This week will see the launch of the “Get It On” underwear range, which features a design inspired by the shapes and forms of the Kama Sutra.

For every pair of underwear sold, a donation will be made towards the Foundation’s HIV prevention projects in Europe. There is also a cheeky limited edition “tandem” pant with room for two people, all proceeds of which go to The MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

”HIV is something that affects young people of today and it deserves all the attention it can get. By supporting The MTV Staying Alive Foundation we want to raise awareness and help to get the message across to the young crowd”, says Arthur Engel, CEO of Björn Borg.

As HIV continues to disproportiantely affect young people (almost 45% of new infections are among 15–24 year olds), creative and impactful collaborations, such as that between Björn Borg and The MTV Staying Alive Foundation, have never been more important.

“I think it’s really important to remember that sex is part of human nature and that young people, in particular, are always going to be ‘getting it on'” says Georgia Arnold, Executive Director, MTV Staying Alive Foundation. “There’s been so much progress in the field of HIV and AIDS over the past three decades but nothing has been as definite as knowing that prevention is the best cure. With the Björn Borg Get it On underwear range, we will be raising both awareness, and also money to go towards supporting our on-the-ground HIV-prevention projects in Europe, helping achieve our aim of an HIV-free generation.”

Visit the Bjorn Borg Get It On webshop to learn more about the partnership and to buy your “Get It On” pants online.

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