Eleanor Failes|12.09.2013|Feature
Is porn affecting the way men view women?

Aside from the faulty tap and the scantily dressed housewife in need of a plumber to service her pipes, porn elicits a number of unrealistic lies that can taint men’s ideals about sex and women’s body image and confidence.

When it comes to surfing the web, the occasional pornographic pop-up is unavoidable. Young boys and girls in particular are being exposed to increasing amounts of porn—90% of boys and 60% of girls have encountered pornographic content online before the age of 18.

Viewing this level of porn certainly exposes boys and girls to extreme exaggerations of the male and female body, but the worry is whether it is warping their sexual expectations. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but hairless genitalia and disproportionately large breasts are not the norm.

This distorted representation of sex and the female gender is making women feel overwhelmed and obsessed about their body image.

With a growing number of teenage girls desiring surgically modified “designer vaginas”, million-dollar bodies, and perfect thigh gaps, it’s no surprise that UK health services are dealing with an increasing prevalence of eating disorders and a rising demand in cosmetic surgery.

Do men really believe these nurses in uncomfortably tight latex uniforms actually have medical experience? Of course not, so why is porn shaping their perspectives on what is arousing and how young women should behave in bed?

The exaggerated sexual ideals shown in porn were intended to remain on screen. But with such easy and free access to porn, these ideals are creeping into real relationships, applying undue pressure on young girls to measure up to unrealistic expectations and undermining their already delicate self-esteem.

People need to understand that porn is a glorified media, intended to be unrealistic. Young women should feel empowered about their body rather than letting porn culture dictate how they should look and young men shouldn’t place idealistic standards on women.

The perils of porn are not superficial but go much deeper. Surely, restricting anything that causes such body dyspmorphia and unattainable expectations can only be a good thing?

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