Jason|25.11.2013|Feature Someone Like Me
MTV Staying Alive and Durex made the announcement that they were in a relationship earlier this year, now it’s time to meet the product of that relationship.

“My Sex Life & Everyone Else’s” airs tonight on MTV UK, and is part of the #SomeoneLikeMe campaign, which aims to get young people talking more openly about sex (we all do it!).

To kick off the discussion, meet Hannah, one of the stars of the show.

She had a one night stand with a guy she met online, and they had plans to meet up and go to the cinema. Everything was hunky-dory, until he text her with an update on the number of sexual partners he has been with.

Here’s what she had to say about this guy’s sex score.

“My Sex Life And Everyone Else’s” airs tonight at 11pm on MTV UK, (channel 350). Tweet us your thoughts @MTVStayingAlive using the hashtag #MTVMySexLife.


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