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There’s no rush to lose your virginity. Annie explains why.

Annie St. John. Virgin. Yep, that’s me. The inexperienced ‘goody-goody’. Some people think I’m a prude, others think I’m an idiot. The truth is I’m neither. I’m just a regular 20-year-old college student who thinks about sex just as much as anyone else. People act like the fact that I haven’t done it is bizarre. I’m constantly pressured by the media and other people around me.

Anyone who is a virgin probably experiences the same stress. We’re reminded over and over that we have not had sex yet. Why is it such a big deal? Most people suppose that casual sex is totally normal. I beg to differ. I believe that it really depends on the person!

Usually, when guys find out that I’m a virgin, they do one of two things:

1)     They don’t care because they’re scum bags. They try taking my virginity like it’s no problem even when we barely know one another.

2)     They realise they can’t talk to me, because I won’t have sex with them without getting to know them well first.

It’s actually quite upsetting. The only guys that will stay are the ones that care about me and are willing to wait until we’re in a relationship and ready. Sadly, those guys are hard to find.

Pressure from friends is always different, depending on the person. Some of them laugh and poke fun at me, while my closer friends don’t say much at all. Because frankly, it’s my life. It’s who I am. Why make a joke out of someone else’s virginity? That’s like laughing at someone for living at their own pace or being themselves. It makes no sense.

Losing your virginity can be important to some people. Whether you are one of those people or not, it shouldn’t matter if someone chooses to be a virgin. People should be able to think for themselves.

I’m in no rush. When I find the right person is when I know I’ll be ready. All I want is for it to mean something. That’s it.

Sometimes I’m nervous that I might not be what they wanted. What if my body might not be as pretty as they were expecting? What if I’m awkward? What if I’m not experienced enough? I also get scared that maybe they’ll stop talking to me after. But you know what? I shouldn’t have to feel that way if I know they are the right person. It’s exactly why I’d want to be dating them first. There is nothing wrong with that.

The perfect moment will be when we’ve been in a steady relationship, we love each other, and are both are ready to do it. Being a virgin is an individual’s choice and it’s okay to wait until you are ready. Whenever that might be.

Annie is one of the stars of our documentary My Sex Life & Everyone Else’s, which feature on MTV UK. Watch it here.

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