Mario|01.12.2013|Feature Sex Life
This World AIDS Day we’re talking about sex and dispelling some of the myths around HIV

We’ve all heard weird sex myths, like if you pull out you can’t get pregnant (there’s such a thing as pre-cum people!), or if you do it in a bath then you don’t need to use protection (lies). Some myths are harmless and others are harmful. But unfortunately, some of the myths that surround HIV serve to stigmatise and discriminate against those living with the disease.

The best way to dispel these myths is to talk honestly and openly. That’s why Durex and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation have joined forces to launch the Someone Like Me campaign—a global conversation about sex, to help us all have happier and healthier sex lives and a world free from HIV.

If you didn’t see our documentary on MTV UK this week, don’t worry it’ll be available next week on our Youtube channel and on our site.

For World Aids Day we got some of the stars from our documentary to share with us their weirdest sex myths they used to believe—before telling us the actual facts about HIV. Are any of them ones that you used to believe? You can share your suspicious sex myths below…

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If you’ve got something to say, why not join our Global Crew? The crew is made up of young people from all over the world with one thing in common: they all want the power to shape their own sex education to improve their generation’s sexual health.

Click here for more information on how to join the conversation #someonelikeme