Watch episode 1 of the new series of Shuga!

Secrets and lies, crossed wires, and broken dreams are at the heart of series 3 of Shuga, set in Nigeria for the first time, after two seasons based in Nairobi. Set against the clubs, bars, and student hangouts of Lagos, Shuga relates a bitter-sweet tale of love, betrayal, relationships, and heartache among a group of friends in the city of Lagos.

In Shuga, nearly everyone’s keeping something hidden from those they love—from their family, their girlfriend, their boyfriend, their lover, their best friend, their husband, but perhaps most of all, themselves.

Watch episode 1 here:

When Femi (Ikubese Emmanuel Ifeanyi) returns from Nairobi to Lagos, a long standing secret upsets the relationship between his music promoter friend Ekene (Okezie Morro), and Ekene’s girlfriend Foye (Maria Okanrende). Meanwhile Foye’s best friend Sophie (Dorcas Shola Fapson) is outraged when her little sister Princess (Sharon Ezeamaka) appears unexpectedly on campus. 


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