Bob Bakish|01.12.2013|News
A message from Bob Bakish, President and Chief Executive Officer, Viacom International Media Networks

In the hyper connected, hyperactive world that we live in today, it is safe to say that we are all global citizens. The decisions made by governments or businesses in one country will inevitably cascade across the globe, affecting the lives of individuals from all social strata.

Take MTV, for example—our shows are broadcast around the world, reaching millions of people, influencing consumer trends and global conversations. Last year’s MTV European Music Awards (EMA) delivered unprecedented social engagement, almost doubling the number of EMA followers on Facebook during the campaign period, plus a triple digit increase on Twitter across followers and a record 5.7 million tweets during the show.

With this reach, we can go one step further and really improve lives. MTV’s key demographic, the Millennial generation, is facing problems that are impacting regions all over the world, such as sky rocketing youth unemployment, growing socio-economic divides, and the HIV pandemic.

Millennials are the first generation to have never known a world without HIV. Even worse, it is this generation that is most at risk of becoming infected with the virus. And that’s where MTV can help save lives. Through the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, we are tapping into the power and reach of the MTV brand and are focused on our mission to stop HIV in young people and improve their sexual and reproductive health.

The programming produced by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation has reached 100% of the top 50 countries affected by HIV, while its grants programme has provided more than 450 grants, worth over $4.7 million, to youth-led HIV prevention initiatives in 66 countries.

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation is a shining example of how the strengths of an international business can be harnessed to create a vehicle for global change.


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