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The safest, sexiest and most adventurous sex is in the palm of your hand.

Our laptop, tablets, phablets, and smartphones have become corporeal extensions—losing a smartphone really does feel like losing a part of myself. Our technology gives us instant access to the rest of the world. Our online lives and “real” lives are now so intertwined it’s hard to distinguish between the two.

But did you know you hold the key to the safest, sexiest, and most adventurous sex at the tips of your fingers? Check out our countdown of the top 10 free apps that could revolutionise your sex life.

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10) Blendr* – Put it in and shake it all about: this geosocial networking app allows users to scout out friends who happen to be nearest to them at the time and mix it up with other users until they find love (or lust)! (Available on iOS and Android)

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9) Grindr* – Grind it ‘til you find it: looking for same-sex sex within a 100 mile radius wherever you are in the world? Grindr is the app for you, this app is so hot it melted itself during the London 2012 Olympics. Beware though, if you intend to engage in casual sex, make sure you always wear a condom. (Available on iOS and Android)

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8) Brenda* – This amorous app caters for lesbian, bi, or curious women and allows its loyal users to find their fantasies but also incorporates video chat—eliminating potential #Catfishes! (Available on iOS and Android)

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7) NeatClub – Don’t have sex without doing the checks: NeatClub has revolutionised STI tests by allowing users to find a test centre, download their results, and notify other sexual partners of their status. (Available on iOS and Android)

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6) SEX IQ TEST – Think you know all there is to know about the “birds and the bees”, put your nookie knowledge to the test with this app. You may (or may not) be pleasantly surprised. (Available on iOS)

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5)  MY SEX DOCTOR – This cool and friendly app is a 101 guide to anything sexual health related. Unsure about something? Reach inside your pocket and pull out your personal sex doctor. (Available on iOS and Android)

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4) Sex Life 100+ positions – Available in six languages, this app does away with the ancient Karmasutra-style sex and allows users to refresh their sex lives with modern (non-backbreaking) positions. (Available on iOS)

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3) Tinder* – Is a real life game of “Hot or Not” and allows users to swipe left until finding the face that fits their taste. It’s like a virtual Saturday night dating show! (Available on iOS and Android)*

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2) iCondom – In this day and age, we can’t take chances with our health. The iCondom app, from MTV Staying Alive and Durex allows users to locate the nearest condom outlet to them, avoiding any sticky situations. (Available on iOS only)

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1) Snapchat* – This revolutionary app allows user to share sexy pics with no sneaky consequences. Snap, see, delete. Although, the sender is notified if the person receiving the snap takes a sneaky screengrab, remember to only share snaps with people you can trust. (Available on iOS and Android)

*Disclaimer: when using any dating-related apps, practice good digital hygiene—don’t share sensitive personal information and if you arrange to meet people for the first time, meet in a public place and let a friend or family member know where you’ll be. If you are using these apps to hook-up, always be sure that the person you are meeting is above the age of consent.

Have you got anymore sexy app suggestions for us?

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