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Growing up in Swansea, the “one night stand capital” of the UK

You can’t grow up in Swansea without spending most of your teens in its bars, clubs, and on both ends of chat up lines. Apart from its football team, there’s not much that hits the headlines; perhaps a once yearly flood on my Facebook newsfeed that its beaches have been voted some of the best in the world (a surprise to 99% of the world’s population).

Swansea’s recent ranking as the most likely place in the UK for a person to have a one-night stand is not a surprise at all. I may as well just have read that Santa isn’t real.

As a teen, the morning after the night before was never a case of “did you pull?” More like, “how many?” Even at “underage discos” we’d rack up snogs in numbers equivalent to our age and the drinks we’d consumed.

As we got older, our escapades got a little wilder. The friend who slept with a bouncer under the nightclub pier, the other caught in an alleyway with a Welsh rugby player, walking into my friend’s living room to see the guy I’d been with the week before was actually her sister’s boyfriend.

So, what is it about Swansea that gives people the horn? Are its inhabitants just insanely sexy? There are indeed some hot surfers. But I think they’re outnumbered by steroid-fuelled clientele who aren’t afraid of a good fight (and I’m not just talking about the guys).

Maybe it’s more to do with it being a Friday night mecca for horny young things in the surrounding valley towns, as well as a big student city. Whatever the reason, I don’t think “one night stand capital” is such a bad title. It reflects the fun-loving, carefree attitude of the people.

The thing is—and it’s quite a big thing—the same survey also found that in the UK 13% of people had sex without a condom with someone they didn’t know.

In my opinion, if Swansea is number one for one-night stands and not number one for STIs and teen pregnancies, then we’re doing ok. All I say to my fellow Swansea Jacks is this—don’t be ashamed of your one night stand title. Keep on getting down. But next year, aim for a double whammy—best place for a one night stand AND least likely place to contract an STI. You’ll create a sex mecca. Maybe I’ll move back…

After reading this, will you be visiting Swansea this summer?

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