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They glow in the dark, vibrate, tingle, and even taste great. Join us as we explore the wonderful world of condoms.

Using a condom is often seen as an obligation—we have to use them to avoid catching an STI. But the most common complaint about these latex wonders is that they make sex less pleasurable.

In my opinion, if you think condoms reduce sexual pleasure, you’re not using the right ones. There is an enormous variety of condoms available and plenty of different options to choose from.

The most important thing for a good hook-up or a hot night of love is choosing the right sized condom! So guys, avoid overestimating yourself and pick the appropriate size. Condom maker, “They Fit”, offers almost tailor-made condoms with a selection of 95 different sizes!

Apart from size, condoms also come in a wide range of different materials—latex, polyurethane, and even specific varieties for circumcised men. They can also double-up as a tasty treat, condom flavours include chocolate, mint, coke, banana, mixed fruit, strawberry, tutti frutti, exotic flavour. I’ll leave it your imagination as to why these flavours are so appealing.

To brighten or shake up your lovemaking, try out a phosphorescent condom or for more sensation test out a vibrating condom. For guys who have trouble lasting longer than a couple of minutes, you can even try a special condom that helps control your climax and prolong excitement. However, for men who have a real aversion to condoms, even though it comes in less forms and types than its masculine cousin, the femidom is just as safe and easy to use.

Protecting yourself is a necessity but it can be also fun and can make you discover new forms of pleasure and unexpected sensations!

In case you wondering what glow in the dark condoms looked like, check out this video:


What are your favourite types of condom?