Lucy Gordon|07.05.2014|Feature Sex Life
Get ready for beautiful skin, lighter periods, and control of your fertility

A tiny pill has revolutionised the world.  Some reckon it’s the greatest scientific invention of the 20th century (we’ll leave that open to debate). The contraceptive pill has created social and political change on a global scale. Here’s a list of reasons why we think “the pill” rocks:


1. The pill gives you control over your body

Having control over your reproductive system might be something you take for granted. However, many young women have little say over if and when they conceive. This is particularly damaging, given that pregnancy is the leading cause of death for women aged 15–19. If you’re on the pill, you’re fully responsible for ensuring you take it every day and no-one ever need know you’re using contraception. And importantly, you have the freedom to hop off the pill whenever you’re ready to get pregnant.


2. Goodbye heavy, painful periods

Nothing says “well, isn’t it great to be a fertile, life-creating woman”  like a surprise period while wearing your new white dress. So, another massive favour the pill can do for womankind is making periods lighter, less painful, and more regular.


3. Hello, beautiful skin

If you’re not an super-human supermodel, chances are you’ve had problems with your skin at some point. The good news is that certain types of pill have been proven to reduce acne.


4. Reduced risk of certain cancers

Taking the pill can significantly reduce a woman’s risk of certain types of cancer, including ovarian, womb, and bowel cancer.


5. Variety, variety, variety!

Get ready to be baffled by the sheer number of contraceptive pills available. You’ll probably have girlfriends on a pink pill, one on a yellow pill, and another on a white pill. While the variety of pills, each with their own quirks, can be confusing, it’s actually pretty great.  If one pill perhaps makes you bloat and doesn’t ease those cramps as much as you’d like, you can just try another (under medical supervision of course—any drug, including the pill can have side-effects).

The pill is great. But ladies, remember that the pill gives you ZERO protection against STIs! If in doubt, strap up and use a condom.

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