Lucy Gordon|08.05.2014|Feature Sex Life
If it’s not semen, then what is it?

Pre-cum is a clear, colourless fluid released from the urethra of the penis before full ejaculation. Pre-cum can be released during masturbation, foreplay, and even before a penis is erect.

Some people rely on the pull-out method (more technically known as coitus interruptus) to prevent pregnancy. However, it is one of the least effective forms of contraception (although it’s better than nothing). The presence of pre-cum makes things a little tricky. Pre-cum itself doesn’t contain sperm, but it can pick up stray sperm in the urethra from previous ejaculations on its way out. An effective pull-out is also actually very hard—it requires huge amounts of self-control, experience, and trust.

Pre-cum can also contain a whole host of bugs, like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and much more. So using the pull-out method will not protect you from picking up potentially life-threatening infections.

So what’s the point of pre-cum? Men’s bodies produce it to act as a lubricant during sex. It’s also likely that pre-cum acts as an acid neutraliser, to make sperms’ journey through the vagina a bit easier. Sperm then has a much higher chance of wriggling itself forward to success. Pre-cum is like sperms’ wingman!



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