Lucy Gordon|13.05.2014|Feature Someone Like Me
Even the dreamiest of boy bands wrestle with ex dilemmas

Many of life’s most difficult dilemmas revolve around ex etiquette. Is it healthy to sneak a quick peak at all 4,000 of your ex-squeeze’s Facebook pictures? Just how acceptable is it to Tweet that “It’s just not working #soz”?

Even the dreamiest of boy bands wrestle with some of these big questions—The Vamps and Union J tackle some of these juicy dilemmas in honour of MTV’s new show, Ex On The Beach.

The boys from The Vamps think that break-ups should happen in person while the charmers from Union J concede that phone break-ups are a-okay. Take particular note of the wise piece of advice dished out by one of The Vamps: “never go fishing with an ex straight after a break-up, it’s just not healthy.”

Break-ups are always hard (even more so if you happen to find yourself trapped in a party villa with a particularly kooky ex). There are no set rules and it’s important to figure out a way of getting through things that works well for you.

Check out the full MTV UK interview:

What was your worst break-up story?

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