Jason|05.06.2014|Feature Sex Life
It’s time to give the female condom some love

Millions of condoms are used a day, but what about their slightly larger cousin—the female condom (or femidom)? They’re certainly not as popular as condoms. But why so much hate?

Launched in 1992, the female condom was hailed as the biggest innovation in sexual health since ‘the pill’ and was seen as a form of liberation for women allowing them greater control over their sexual health. Unfortunately, men weren’t as warm to the idea of femidoms. In 2005 it was also noted that usage was so low in the UK that it registered as 0%.

So, just why do us guys hate on the female condom so much? They’re no harder to use than a condom—check out this “how to” video:

The only thing I can think of is that they’re less than discreet design has meant that the female condom is more noticeable (both visibly and audibly) during sex.

As modern males, we should embrace any opportunity to empower women and allow them to protect their sexual health, as well as take control of their own sexual choices without having to rely on a male partner. Unlike one of the world’s most popular forms of contraception, the pill, femidoms allow women to simultaneously prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect against most STIs. So as a society, surely we should be shouting about them.

Promoting the use of femidoms will allow women to better safeguard themselves against STIs and thus curb HIV infections. So next time you get it on, why not experiment with a femidom. You never know, you might just like it.

Have you used a female condom before? What was it like? 

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