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Check out our top tips for safe and sexy festival frolics

The sun is shining, and that can only mean one thing—festival season. Yep, ‘tis the season of overpriced beers in plastic cups, banging tunes, and hopefully no wellies. Many flock to the world’s festivals in the hope of leaving their inhibitions at home and embracing a hedonist lifestyle, if only for a weekend. At MTV Staying Alive we’re all about safe and sexy fun, so check out our festival sex survival guide…

1) Use (Sun) protection


With the sun blazing and a willing bed buddy, it can be tempting to skip heading to a tent and engage in some steamy alfresco f**king. As well as ensuring you’re protected (sexually) you should also protect your skin. Sun burn is not only extremely uncomfortable, it’s doesn’t look great either! You should use sun cream with a minimum factor of 15 and apply it regularly to guard your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

2) Lube up


Without sounding like your parents you should drink plenty of water, ensuring that you always have a bottle of H2O to hand. With a cocktail of alcohol, direct sunlight, and dancing you can easily become dehydrated, so treat your festival sexcapades like you would any other workout and avoid passing out post-coitus by glugging some fluids. Plus, staying hydrated equals a better orgasm!

3) Wipe me down


If access to a shower, sink, or any other water-based method of cleaning is limited during your festival experience, cleansing wipes are sure to be your best friend before, during, and after your fumble. To avoid any infections or unpleasant smells, ensure you and your partner have a quick wipe down…then let the rutting commence.

4) Keep it safe


This one’s a no-brainer! To help prevent the transmission of STIs and pregnancy, always ensure you have a range of contraception to ensure that you and your partner aren’t left with any nasty surprises after a steamy tent hook-up. If you happen to have unprotected sex, most festivals will have a medical centre with access to emergency contraception.

5) A clean bill of health


If you know that there is a high probability of you having sex whilst at a festival, it’s worth having a check-up at your local sexual health clinic beforehand to ensure that you have a clean bill of health. Although condoms can prevent many STIs, there are several that can still be spread via skin-to-skin contact.

Do you have any festival sex tips? If so, let us know below. 

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