Fancy a laugh? Watch The Midnight Beast’s sex quiz and put your sex knowledge to the test

The guys from The Midnight Beast rolled through the MTV UK studios the other day, and we couldn’t resist cornering them for a few minutes to talk about our favourite subject…sex!

We challenge you not to laugh at the comedy genius that is The Midnight Beast. Inspired by their safe sex video, Use Ya Head, we challenged the TMB crew to a sex quiz.

Our quiz master, Ashley, put Dru and Stefan’s sex knowledge to the test—from w**nking world records and condom “do’s and don’ts” to crocodile-dung contraception!

Check out The Midnight Beast’s sex quiz and prepare yourself for a LOL-tastic 2 minutes:

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See The Midnight Beast’s interview with MTV News.

Tell us your weirdest sex facts below? 

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