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What is an orgasm? And how can you get one…

Orgasm refers to the climax of sexual tension that men and women experience during sexual activity. In the throes of an orgasm, the heart rate increases and breathing becomes heavier. In women, the vaginal muscles contract. In men, muscle contractions force semen out of the penis.

Reasons for the evolutionary development of the orgasm are varied. It’s commonly agreed that the male orgasm is useful because it encourages men to go back for more and “sow their seed” all over the place. Explanations for the female “O” range from the contracting vaginal muscles pulling semen up into the uterus and it simply being a pleasant by-product of the male orgasm.

Guys need to take a break between orgasms. The length of what’s more scientifically known as the refractory period can vary from minutes to days. Women don’t technically have a physiological period where they can’t achieve climax, which is why they can have multiple orgasms. It can be perfectly natural though if a woman is too drained after climaxing to get it on again.

Arousal in women can sometimes result in the elusive female ejaculation—although this is not as common as porn has led us to believe. In fact it’s pretty rare (but if you’re a woman and you do ejaculate, this is still normal).

Stimulation of the clitoris is necessary for some women to achieve orgasm. Girls, if you don’t climax through penetrative sex, you’re definitely not alone. The vagina doesn’t actually contain many nerve endings (remember that babies do sometimes have to pass through there) whilst the clitoris is jam-packed with them.

Media representations of the orgasm can be misleading—not everyone is a screamer. There is no standard “O” and it doesn’t need to be loud to be good. You can make as little or as much noise as you like. If you don’t feel like your orgasms are as completely and totally mind-blowing as they should be, don’t worry. The intensity of an orgasm varies from occasion-to-occasion and from person-to-person. To help you on your mission to achieve the ultimate orgasm, we’ve put together some tips. Enjoy!

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