Lucy Gordon|28.08.2014|Feature Sex Life
Check out our top 5 safe sex videos

There are some pretty hilarious videos out there promoting safe sex. While they can be rather graphic, this is one area where it’s totally appropriate that sex sells. We’ve pulled together our favourite five safe sex adverts—and we promise we showed no bias towards our own…

1.Birthday surprise 

You’re guaranteed physically cringe for a second or two on behalf of this video’s unlucky, fap-happy protagonist. We also really like the party glasses sported by his family towards the end.

2.Fur TV

OK, OK, this might be one of ours. However, this ad gained its place on this list by merit alone! Who doesn’t hope that the next time they get a sexual health check-up, they’re treated by the Latino (muppet) love machine?

3.Willy the Tourist

After watching this you might actually find yourself rather endeared to Willy the Tourist.  Though maybe not when he gets drunk alone in what appears to be a Bavarian beer house and vomits all over the table…

4.Condom balloon animals

This one leaves us wanting to try our hand at a spot of condom sculpture. Learning a new skill’s never a bad thing, right? Just as long as you keep a couple of condoms aside for when you really need them.

5.The Joy of Non-Sex

Yep. This is one of ours too. Still, the placing of this video is nothing to do with nepotism. The combo of excellent hairdos, timeless interior design and saucy sex positions mean that this ad totally deserves its place here.

Image credit: Alain GiA

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