Lucy Gordon|24.09.2014|News
A nude pic in the wrong hands can cause heartache and humiliation, as we’ve seen with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence. Should we all protect ourselves by never taking nudes pics?

We’re officially entering a new era of celebrity. In this era, fame means forfeiting your most intimate moments for the World’s consumption. Given the sheer number of celebs caught up in the recent leaked-photo scandal, it seems increasingly likely that soon, no starlet will come without a batch of explicit images on some forum.

Some journalists (cough cough) have drawn attention to the fact that we’ve already seen quite a lot of these victims naked on a consensual basis, so what’s the big deal? Basically, these commentators are saying that if you have consensually exposed yourself, you have no right to get mad, or even worse that the victims deserve it for being slutty.

These commentators don’t seem to grasp the concept of consent. If I allow you to borrow £10 on one occasion, that doesn’t given you complete access to all of my bank accounts to use my funds as you please.

Like many others, one journalist also points out that he would never be as foolish as to produce nudes of himself. Should these young women really have to pre-empt hackers delving into their property and having a rifle? What else should stars pre-empt? Paparazzis in the bushes with long-lenses trained on their bathrooms? And anyways, what was Jennifer Lawrence doing showering naked in the first place?!? Arguments such as these are ridiculous.

If a line isn’t drawn on what’s acceptable, who knows what’s next. It’s not even the naked pics that should be the issue here. The news story here should be the act of theft—having some face-less hacker go through your virtual possessions without your knowledge is violation enough and will still making you feel unsafe and violated.

Celebrities are in the spotlight and reap the rewards of this status. But we shouldn’t see the price of this fame as the complete erosion of their personal life and their right to choose who they share their body with. Hackers are not the Robin Hoods of the digital age, getting one up on celebrities so we don’t feel so bad about all the great things that happen to them.

While some male celebs did fall victim to the leaks, all of the furore and headlines have concerned the female victims. There is a thirst for intimate images of women that’s all tangled up with the objectification of women and much wider gender issues that makes females so much more vulnerable to this kind of stuff.

So of course, be careful with your naked pics because you might end up getting burnt. But don’t waste your time branding the victims of leaks as careless. The perpetrators of these crimes have such little respect for women’s right to consent. And it is important to stress that this is specifically about women’s right to consent and to privacy.

What do you think about the leak of celebrity nude photos?