David Thomson|21.10.2014|Feature
We all love a good app, especially one that can make sex better

Apple recently pulled the controversial sexual consent app Good2Go from its iTunes Store only 9 days after its launch. The app was designed to try to curb instances of sexual assault at universities by asking simple yes or no questions to establish consent between potential sexual partners. If you answer saying you are too drunk, then consent is denied.

According to the app’s founder Lee Ann Allman, Apple pulled the app on grounds of “excessively objectionable or crude content”, specified in its developer guidelines.

This story got us wondering, were there any genuinely helpful apps out there that could make sex better and safer? Here’s what we found:


1 – Cosmopolitan Sex Position of the Day

Are you looking for an exciting new sex position? Cosmo’s own version of the Kama Sutra keeps things interesting with a new position every day. Whether you’re looking to improve on an old favourite or need fresh inspiration, this app will help add some variety to your sex life. Just remember to stretch first. (Available for iPhone and Android)


2 – Sex Dice Evolved

If you’re looking to add some spice to your relationship, it only takes a roll of the dice. Set your preferences for how wild you’d like to go and which activities you’d like to include. Then simply roll the dice and enjoy the results. The random nature of the dice makes this app appealing for anyone looking for a bit of adventure. It’s definitely a gamble worth taking. (Available for Android only)

drunk dial no

3 – Drunk Dial No

Worried about drunk dialling someone after a night out? Now you can put a stop to it before you embarrass yourself. Drunk Dial No allows you to block a number for a certain period of time, so that you can contact them when you have a clearer mind. However, it isn’t entirely fool-proof as it doesn’t stop you from Facebook messaging, tweeting, or emailing the person in question. (Available for iPhone only)


4 – Passion

Ever wondered how good you are in bed? Well now you can find out the honest truth, apparently. Passion uses the microphone and accelerometer in your phone to create a rating from 0–10 of how good you are in the sack. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more embarrassing, you can compare your results to people all over the world! I wouldn’t worry if you get a 0 though, only your partner can really know how satisfied they are. (Available for iPhone only)

MedXCom5 – MedXCom

This app allows you to check a potential partner’s bill of health by bumping your phones together before you go home with them. If you’ve passed your STI test with flying colours, you can ask your doctor to document this on the app. It is good for peace of mind, but you should still make sure to wear a condom to maximise your safety. We’re pretty sure an app hasn’t been developed yet that can prevent pregnancy. (Available for iPhone & Android)

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