Lucy Gordon|01.10.2014|News
Nicki Minaj is going to be presenting this year’s MTV EMAs. Here’s why we think she’s awesome…

We’ve got a load of reasons for bowing down to Her Minajesty. We love that Nicki hasn’t just conquered the male-dominated world of rap for herself but that she’s opened it up for a whole new wave of female rappers.

What we think is even cooler than that is Nicki’s support for the HIV/AIDS cause. Nicki was a 2012 and 2013 spokesperson for MAC’s VIVA GLAM range, which has raised a massive $250 million for the MAC AIDS Fund!

Nicki Minaj For MAC - Photocall

Not only has Nicki Minaj helped out with the financial side of things, she’s helped to reduce stigma associated with HIV and to explain why it’s a cause so close to her heart.

Nicki revealed that her uncle died of the disease and elaborated, saying:  “This [HIV/AIDS] is something that’s killing a lot of—especially—black women. I don’t want people to think that this is a gay disease…or an ‘in the 80s’ disease. This is something that’s killing everyone, no matter your preference, your religion, your race.”

Here’s a video of Nicki and talking about her HIV work with Ricki Martin:

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