Lucy Gordon|24.11.2014|Feature Someone Like Me
When it comes to stopping HIV, knowledge is power

How much do you know about HIV? This isn’t another Great British Sex Quiz—this is the question we’re asking this World AIDS Day.

How much do you know about sex? How much do you know about everything that comes before, during, and after it? Sure, you’ve got all of that ticked off. But how much do you know about protecting yourself from HIV?

If you don’t already know, the MTV Staying Alive Foundation jointly launched Someone Like Me with Durex to get the world talking about sex and HIV.

We want to get all of you, all around the world, talking about sex, sex, sex. The more we all talk about sex, the healthier our relationship with it is going to be—physically and emotionally.

So watch our brand new video and get talking about sex!

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