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If you have an STI it’s really important to tell your partner. Here are a few ways you can break the bad news

So you’ve taken off the wrapper and had the sweet. But you’re now left with a bitter taste—you find out that you have an STI. What to do? How do you actually tell someone after you’ve hooked up with them that you have an STI and they could have it too?

Once you know you have an STI, one of the most important things to do is to tell everyone who could be infected too. Not enough people do. In the USA alone about 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur a year. With so many ways you can tell someone, there is little excuse not to—so here’s our guide on how to break the bad news…

1. Anonymously online


If you’re less comfortable letting that special someone know you have an STI, there are tons of websites (like inSPOT.org, dontspreadit.org, and many more) that send a text, e-card, or e-mail anonymously from you to your partner—you don’t even have to give your name. All you have to do is add the person’s number or e-mail to a form, tick which STI you have and it’ll send them a message telling them to get checked. You can also ask your local sexual health clinic to send a letter to anyone you want. Letting someone know anonymously is a win–win situation: duty fulfilled, no embarrassment.

2. Mobile apps

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There are also apps out there that can tell you where your nearest STI testing centre is. Apps like Healthvana also allow clinics to send your test results directly to your phone. That means if you’re on a date (and you get lucky) you can share your results with a potential partner. Full disclosure! Although, even if you both have a clean bill of health you should still use a condom—don’t forget about the potential for babies people!

3. Face-to-face


You could also use the old fashion form of communication and just tell the person face-to-face. If you’ve decided against using text, e-mail, e-card, a letter, or an app, you’ll need to choose a good place to break the STI news. Choose a neutral location, not your place—if it gets awkward you can’t really leave without kicking the other person out too. If the weather is good, try meeting in an open but private space like a park. You’re conversation is unlikely to be overheard and the person can leave if they want to.

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