Watch Tinie Tempah’s new video, produced in partnership with MTV Staying Alive and Kiehl’s, to raise awareness of HIV

Tinie Tempah joins us in a new safe sex campaign. In our latest TV ad, supported by Kiehl’s, Tinie explains how a little piece of latex could literally save your life! Check it out:

Tinie draws attention to the fact that HIV/AIDS is the second biggest killer of adolescents around the world.

As you probably already know, we make it our business to support and fund young people so that they can protect themselves against HIV. Our ultimate aim is to stop HIV before it starts.

Last time we got together with the rapper, he spoke in depth with fellow MTV Staying Alive Ambassador and MTV presenter, Becca Dudley, about why getting involved with the fight against HIV/AIDS means so much to him. See what he had to say:

This time, Tinie’s message is very simple but it’s something that we can’t get behind enough – a condom could save your life. If you make sure you use a condom every single time you have sex, you’ll significantly reduce your risk of contracting HIV plus a whole host of other nasty STIs.

Tinie Tempah wowed audiences at our HIV fundraiser last month representing our cause in true MTV style, while performing his latest summer anthem, No Letting Go. Have a listen:

Tinie is genuinely passionate about young people and about stopping HIV. Tinie Tempah and MTV Staying Alive have big plans for World AIDS Day 2015, so keeping checking out our blog for more info.