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The internet can be a dark and scary place when it comes to sex.

Between leaked naked selfies, access to unhealthy amounts of free porn and the oh-so-grim YouTube comment section, it can sometimes feel as if attitudes towards sex are desperately lacking in positivity. So, we want to celebrate a few rad individuals who are working to cheer up the cyber universe and share their top tips for a happy, healthy sex life.

Don’t get us wrong – we love a make-up tutorial or prank vid as much as the next person, but we get super excited when a vlogger decides to use their huge reach to talk about something a bit more serious. These ladies have all taken it upon themselves to dish out some super valuable advice on boundaries, relationships and gettin’ busy with their many, many subscribers.

1. Laci Green

Laci is the undisputed queen of YouTube sex positivity, doling out advice on everything from masturbation to BDSM. She says she makes videos “to help people learn about sexuality & bodies so they can enjoy them” which we think is pretty much the coolest reason to be on the internet ever.

She also wrote an open letter to fellow YouTuber Sam Pepper, calling him out on his outrageously disturbing “Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank” video (which has since been deleted) and accusing him of publicly violating and upsetting women in the street in the name of ‘comedy’. The letter has been signed by YouTube heavyweights including Tyler Oakley, Mamrie Hart and John Green (go check out the full list – it’s amazing). Go girl.

2. Meghan Rienks

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger Meghan has always been open with her 1.8 million subscribers, posting videos about her struggles with depression and the long-term effects from the bullying she faced at school alongside her hilarious Q&As.

Last month she shared an amazing, hilarious, heartfelt video titled ‘SEX ADVICE WITH MY MOM’, where Rienks and her outspoken mama answered sex questions from viewers, including what contraception to use (clue: whatever you want) and if anal is necessary (clue: it is not, but go for it if you want to do it). Meghan has said that “I would be doing you and humanity a disservice if I didn’t use my voice to speak for something I really, really, really believe in”. We love her.

3. Louise and Zoe

Chummy Chatter is everything. We all know (and adore) Zoe Sugg and Louise Pentland aka Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter, but we adore them even more as a duo. The vlogging besties teamed up for a series called Chummy Chatter where they covered topics not usually tackled in their regular vids, including bad break-ups, body confidence and heading to uni.

We particularly love their vid about boundaries (physical and emotional) and saying no – as Louise says, “sometimes it takes someone else to say to you ‘that’s not an okay situation’”.

4. Joey Graceffa

24-year-old Joey is bona fide YouTube royalty. His 5 million subscribers are regularly treated to music videos, hilarious challenges and collabs with his fellow vloggers, but he’s also known for his Q&As, where he shares guidance on everything from career to falling in love.

“It’s important to communicate what your boundaries are with whoever is pushing those boundaries…it’s important to have self-respect!”. So speaks Joey Graceffa. Pay attention, he is very wise.

5. Savannah Brown

She’s a ground-breaking slam poet and she’s only eighteen years old. Savannah rose to fame when she wrote a damning response to Vine star Nash Grier’s wholly questionable video ‘What Guys Look For In Girls’, where he advised his young fanbase to shave their legs and “be small” in order to get a boy’s interest. Oh dear.

Savannah hit back at Grier with her poem, calmly and eloquently picking apart his words and highlighting the self-esteem so many young girls face when it comes to dating. “You don’t live to meet the credentials established by a madman. You’re a goddamned treasure whether you want to believe it or not” she said. Powerful stuff.

6. Beauty Crush

Is if it wasn’t enough that Sammi was our ultimate in style goals (and dog goals and boyfriend goals), she’s also totally incredible at giving support and advice to her 1.6 million fans.

Her latest series of vids are called ‘Girl Talk’ where her and a YouTube mate (the most recent guest was Amelia Liana) sit down and talk all things dating and awkward sex questions.

7. Hannah Witton

You may recognise Hannah from her awesome partnership with Durex (or the articles she’s written for us in the past) and she’s still one of our all-time favourite British YouTubers. She always manages to give amazing advice about sex, whilst making us snort-laugh at the same time.

She chats about topics ranging from sexual experimentation to her favourite sex toys, and is never afraid to throw an embarrassing personal anecdote in there for fun as well.

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