MTV Staying Alive|18.09.2015|Campaigns News

Want to change the world and put fundraising experience or event management on your CV? Then look no further.

MTV Staying Alive is looking for talented, passionate students across the UK to help us raise money for our HIV-prevention projects around the world.

In recognition of your support you could get the chance to do some work experience at MTV, get special exclusive screenings of MTV Staying Alive TV shows or careers talks from MTV staff for your school or university.

We want you to be part of our amazing team and help us stop HIV before it even starts.

Watch this video to see what we’re all about:

How to get involved?

Whether you want to fundraise through your university Raise-And-Give society, student union, or with your mates, we want to help you turn your passions and interests into successful fundraising initiatives.

We’re all about looking at things differently (and we’re not afraid to be a little bit naughty *wink wink*), so whether it’s a Great British Bake Sale or a sexy Condom Ball, we’re with you every step of the way.

Want to get involved? Email for more information